About The Event


The Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame is proud to announce the 29th Annual Ka Himeni Ana Hawaiian music competition, to be held on Saturday, August 24 at 7 p.m. at the historic Hawaii Theatre.


Come watch and listen to the beautiful sounds of this year's contestants as they perform in the traditional "nahenahe" style, each group with their own distinctive twist. In the past, Ka Himeni Ana has served as a proving ground for artists who went on become some of the most well-known names in contemporary Hawaiian music, including Holunape, Ho'okena, Pilioha, Ku'uuipo Kumaukahi, Kanialau and many others.


History of Ka Himeni Ana


Ka Himeni Ana founded by Richard M. Towill, features undiscovered Hawaiian music groups performing in the "nahenahe" style, the distinctive Hawaiian music form that features sweet vocal harmony and supported by unamplified acoustic instruments. The purpose of this concert is to encourage the singing of Hawaiian music in the old fashioned manner without microphones, to provide oppprtunities to discover talent, and to share happy memories within all of us here "this evening" as we enjoy our senses of sound, sight, and scent.


The world is now overwhelmed with far too much loud noise. We are bombarded by so many noxious sounds today that we seldom experience the joy of listening. It is not necessary to force music on others with loud speakers, for if singing has quality, people will become quiet and listen. No other sounds in this world are more beautiful than natural human voices, and excellence commands attention. Because we often forget the style of music that came before, this contest is intended to provide a balance in the music offered in our islands today.


Tickets may be purchased at the Hawai'i Theatre Box Office: